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The Janssen Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Clinical Trials team is counting to shape the future of clinical trials by ensuring they are more diverse, inclusive and equitable. We are steadfastly working to better highlight and address the barriers preventing clinical trial participation for underserved and underrepresented populations.

We are bringing both best practices from previous trials and new, creative approaches and together to address barriers to entry and create more diverse and equitable clinical trials. By developing and adopting inclusive clinical trial design, execution and analysis across all our therapeutic areas, we aim to ensure data and insights from underserved and underrepresented populations inform the development of safe and effective therapies and treatments that serve the needs of all our patients.

Who must be included in clinical research? Everyone.

As we enter an era in which the principles of personalized and precision medicine are reshaping healthcare, we now know that without tailoring medical care to all who need it, people will be left behind. Creating more inclusive trials is a critical first step.

Pharmacogenetic research has uncovered significant differences among racial and ethnic groups.

Difference range from the metabolism, effectiveness, and side-effect profiles of many clinically important drugs.

Certain diseases and medications may impact people differently based on multiple factors.

Diversity in clinical trials allows us to study an investigational medication in different populations.

We have an ethical and Credo-based obligation to demonstrate safety and efficacy of our drugs in their intended target populations.

The Importance of Building Trust in Clinical Trials

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Janssen's vision is to shape the future of clinical trials by ensuring they are more diverse, inclusive and equitable, including for those in underserved and underrepresented populations. We know that this vision can be achieved with transparency, commitment, and accountability. Investing in researching and recruiting underrepresented participants will only advance progress in medicine by ensuring the relevance of clinical trials to the real world. By creating more diverse and equitable trials, we can deliver results that are most likely to have the best outcomes for ALL patients.

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